:::Why Are Murji’ah the Jews of This Ummah?:::


In the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful.

Imãm Sa’eed bn Jubayr (rahimahulloh) said:
“The Murji’ah are the Jews of the Qiblah” i.e. Amongst Muslims.
[Ibn Battah p. 168]

Muhammad bn Muslim said, Abu Ja’afar Muhammad bn Ali bn Husayn said:
“Night and Day are not as similar as much as the Murji’ah are to the Jews” i.e. They are very similar.
[reported by Imãm Lãlikãi 5/1064]

And that is not for any other reason except that the Murji’ah equated things that are nullifiers of Islam and things that are Kufr in itself with things that are major sins (Kufr dûna Kufr) which will not make its doer stay in hell for eternity.

The Jews used to say:
“The Fire will not burn us except for a few days” [Sûratul-Baqarah ãyah 80]

And the Jews say:
“They choose the pleasures (evils) of this low life saying, ‘we would be forgiven’.” [Sûratul-A’arãf ãyah 169]

i.e. They say that all these evils are sins whereas some are open Kufr and Shirk.

So, consider this statement of Allah about the Jews:
“Have you not seen those who were given a portion of the Scripture? They are being invited to the Book of Allah to settle their dispute, then, a party of them turns away and they reject. This is because they say that the Fire will not burn us except for a few days and their Bid’ah (what they use to innovate) deceived them.
[Sûratu Al-Imrãn ãyah 23-24]

Now, compare them with the Murji’ah of today in the following ways:
1. They are also bestowed with little Knowledge and indeed a few of their leaders are knowledgeable.
2. We also call them to the implementation of Sharee’ah to settle our disputes and rule the masses.
3. They also turn away and reject it outrightly using so many excuses like:

a. Its not yet time;
b. It will cause so many inconvenience;
c. The cost outweighs the beneifit;
d. Let all the Muslims obey the personal Sharee’ah first;
e. It will affect the economy.

Instead, they are ready to work with Kuffaar and report fellow Muslims to Kuffaar.
They also say that the fire of Jahannam will only burn them for a few days i.e. They claim that what they are doing of ruling with man-made laws, giving loyalty to Kuffaar and killing “troublesome” Muslims are just sins which will be overlooked by Allah or at least cause them to burn in hell fire for just a few days but never will it cause them to reside in hell fire for eternity since according to them, it is not Kufr akbar.

Just like the Jews, they have also been deceived by their Bid’ah. Their Bid’ah is that they equate between Kufr and Sins.
They say that:

1. Legislating Man-made Laws = Injustice during Judgement.

2. A ruler declaring Interest to be permissible for the citizens = A man shaving his beards.

3. Killing a man for preaching Tawheed = Killing a man to marry his wife

4. Interfaith Dialogue = Comparative Religious Debate.

5. Permanent Peace Deal / Reconciliation / Unity with Kuffaar = Ceasefire / Truce.

6. Democracy = Sinful Shûra (Agreement).

7. Punishing a Muslim for doing a Compulsory Jihad = Father beating his son for sitting on the Floor.

In all the above, they have equated Kufr with Sins and they have lost and mislead others.

Nadar bn Shameel said: I entered upon Al-Ma’mûn …and he said: Good morning O Nadar and I said Good morning, then, he said: What is Irjã’? I said: A religion that suits the kings, they gain the world through it and lose their religion through it. He then said:
You have spoken the truth.
[Al-Bidãyah wa nihãyah 10/276]

May Allah protect us from deviations and preserve us upon the Manhaj of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah based on the understanding of the companions.

Abutawheed Aningiriyi
26-10-1435 Hijriyyah | 22-08-2014 CE

22 08 2014

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