The Manhaj of TMC, TA’AWUN, TADOMUNU and other Qutubees*

The Manhaj of TMC, TA’AWUN, TADOMUNU and other Qutubees*

Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi said in his book Meezãnul i’itidãl (p. 4):

“…Afterwards, I have read the book “Al-mawridu zilaal fi tanbeehi ala akhto’i dhilaal (a knowledge based criticism of Sayyid Qutub’s book Fee dhilaali Qur’ãn) by Sheikh Abdullah bn Muhammad Duwaysh and I observed the clamour and hurricane-like emotions following the sale and distribution of the book, all these were caused by many ignorant Muslims who are fanatics of the book “Fee Dhilaal” and these people, I am almost certain-through my encounter with some of them- that most of them did not even read the book and they did not even check it out except just skimming, or glancing through it… And their revolutionist started campaigning and condemning the book (criticism of Fee dhilaal) and the author (Sheikh Abdullah Duwaish) and they started accusing him of oppression, injustice and some even said he lacks the least amount of justice while others accused him of making Takfeer of Sayyid Qutub, calling him a pretentious Muslim, heretic… and they started warning against buying and possessing the book… and what a disaster! When the one you debate with is blind… For if he were knowledgeable, or a student of knowledge, he will know what evidence is and how to derive evidence and then, it becomes possible to debate with such a person… However, most of those who praise and advertise the book (fee dhilaal) are ordinary people (lay men) who praise what they do not know and talk about that which they have no knowledge, they lack principles, rules, and foundations, most of them think that the issue is that of shouting and muscle stressing… And from the most popular responses I heard from them which points to their deep ignorance is that most of them do not differentiate between the statements of the author like: “This statement is Kufr” or “This is an apparent Kufr” or “This is the statement of the people of innovation” or “This is the statement of the Jahmiyyah and Mu’utazilah” etc and directly making takfeer of the owner of the statement(1).
This lack of differentiation is because they have little familiarity with the books of the Salaf, those yellow books which most of them have turned against and abstained from and instead become occupied with contemporary books which they call “intellectual”, “movement” etc despite the fact that they already preoccupied themselves with and wasted their lives on Journals, rotten Magazines, Television and things like that under the pretence of “knowing the affairs of the Muslims”… And if a debate is with someone who lacks knowledge of the Usûl, it is better to avoid it since that becomes part of the argument which our prophet Sollallohu alayhi wasallam warned us against.

[Meezãnul-I’itidãl Fee taqyeemi kitaabil mawridi zilaal fee tanbeehi ala akhto’i dhilaal p. 4]

1. For more explanation on that, check the risãlah: Athalaathiniyyatu fi tahdheer min akh’tohi takfeer by Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi.

*The term Qutubee refers to people who persist on the errors of Sayyid Qutub, blindly defend Fee dhilaal, prefer to study useless books instead of the books of the Salaf, undervalue the Sunnah and instead emphasize “understanding”, “ideology”, “palestine” “unity” and so on at the expense of Tawheed, and above all fanatically attach themselves to Sayyid Qutub (may Allah have mercy upon him).
This is so because, in Islam we attach people to what they attach themselves as long as that thing is not part of Islam but if that thing is part of Islam, we call them faithful Muslims. Examples are the Nasaara (Christians), Sûfi, Khawãrij or Harooriyah, Mu’tazilah, Jahmiyyah, Ashaa’irah etc. They were attached to their deviant da’awah unlike if someone were to call to proper use of Hijab, we can’t call such a person Hijaabiy or Hijabite or the one who calls to Jihad Jihadi or the one who calls to Qiyãmu layl (tahajjud) Qiyamist or the one who calls to Takfeer Takfeeri or the one who calls to Nisfu Saaq Nisfu saaqist, all these are not proper since Hijab, Jihad, Qiyaamu layl, Takfeer, and Nisfu saaq are all part of Islam. Although majority of the Scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah did not label Sayyid Qutub (may Allah accept his martyrdom) a Kãfir or innovator though he fell into some innovations. We however call the one who calls to following Sayyid Qutub or follows him blindly as Qutubee just the same way the Scholars named those who blindly follow Abul Hasan al-Ash’ari as Ashaa’irah despite the fact that Abul-Hasan himself was neither a Kãfir nor an innovator though he fell into some innovations.

Translation and compilation by
Abutawheed Aningiriyi
9-03-1436 Hijriyyah | 01-01-2015 CE

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2 Responses to The Manhaj of TMC, TA’AWUN, TADOMUNU and other Qutubees*

  1. Teyeb says:

    Just follows the instructions of old Saudi government and how they instructed the clerics that time to fight the Muslim brotherhood ideas to keep the Muslim leadership and protect the Al Saudi governance of Saudi Arabia

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