Council of Senior Scholars of Saudi Makes Takfeer of Muammar Gadhaffi

Council Of Senior Scholars Of Saudi MAKES TAKFEER Of MUAMMAR GADHAFFI (wrath of Allah be upon him)

In the name of Allah the most beneficient the most merciful.

A few years ago when the fitnah of Gadhaffi started, some innocent muslims felt sympathy for him and thought he was a Mujãhid (Islamic Warrior) apparently because he was being humiliated by the chiefs of Kufr- America and its allies.

Meanwhile, this man called Muammar Gadhaffi (may Allah fill his grave with hell) was a bigger Kaafir than even the Jews and Christians. A man who denounced all the companions of the prophet, made mockery of Hajj, edited the Qur’ãn, does not believe in sending greetings to prophet Muhammad, implemented man made laws, fabricated his own Shariah called “the green book” which he claimed is equivalent to the Injeel (gospel) and Tawrãt (psalms) revealed by Allah to his messengers, he waged war against the Mujahideen e.t.c and the list goes on and on.

For such a big Kaafir who waged war against Allah, it is not permissible to sympathise with him when he suffers for indeed, that is a punishment from Allah.
Allah says:

“So, be not sorrowful over the people who disbelieve”
[Sûratul Mãidah ãyah 68]

And the prophet of Allah, Shuayb, peace be upon him after his nation became stubborn upon their Kufr, Allah destroyed them and Allah said:

“so, the earthquake struck them and they lay dead in their homes, those who belied Shuayb became as if they had never dwelt there, those who belied Shuayb, they became the losers”
[Sûratul A’arãf ãyah 91-92]

So, what did the prophet of Allah Shuayb say? Did he start crying over them? Did he make Qunut to plead on their behalf? The answer is NO.
Allah said about Shuayb:

“Then, he turned away from them and said “O my people! I have indeed conveyed my lord’s messages unto you and I have given you good advice. Then how can I sorrow for a disbelieving nation”
[Sûratul A’arãf ãyah 93]

Today, some muslims feel reluctant or totally reject recitation of Qunut for the Muslims in Gaza but feel so much sorrow for the “Kidnapped” Chibok christian girls such that they attempted making Qunut for them. Subhãnalloh, may Allah protect us from devilish innovations.

The above stance of the prophet of Allah, Shuayb is the stance muslims should have regarding Muammar Gadhaffi whom so many scholars have declared Kãfir and Sheikh Umar bn Mas’ud al-Hadoushi (Hafidhohulloh) said Gadhaffi is the Musaylamah of this era.

Below is the fatwa of the Saudi Arabian Hay’atu Kibãril Ulamã’ (Council of Senior Scholars) about him:

“…It has become clear through his statements and actions and his activities within and outside his country and above that, his challenge against the islamic aqeedah (creed).
This man has indeed buried the Sunnah and made jest of the pilgrimage to the house of Allah (hajj) and he also made jest of muslims who attend Arafaat and he has also rubbished islamic verdicts (Fatãwa) of islamic organisations and high councils yet, this poor man does not stop to wallow in misguidance and that completly gives the conviction that he is a deviant atheist.

The assembly of senior scholars (hay’atu kibãril ulamã’) totally condemns the excesses of this claimant of Islam and therefore affirms that this man, by his rejection of the Sunnah of the messenger of Allah, mockery of hajj, humiliation of some of the symbols of Islam, his sinful and corrupt path, he is considered as such a Kaafir, Deviant and a Misleader.

1. Head of the sitting: Muhammad bn Ali al-Harakaan
2. Abdullahi al-Khayãt
3. Abdul-Azeez bn Bãz
4. Abdullahi bn Muhammad bn Hameed
5. Sulaiman bn Ubayd
6. Abdul-Azeez bn Sãlih
7. Abdurazzãq Al-Afeefi
8. Rãshid bn Hameed
9. Muhammad bn Jubayr
10. Ibraheem bn Muhammad Ãlu Sheikh
11. Abdullahi bn Gadyãn
12. Sãlih bn Gusûn
13. Abdul-Majeed Hasan
14. Abdullahi bn Qu’ûd
15. Abdullahi bn Maeen
16. Sãlih bn Luhaydãn

Riyãd, Saudi Arabia
22-Jumãdal Ûla-1402

Compiled by:
Abutawheed Aningiriyi
6-10-1435 Hijriyyah | 1-08-2014 CE

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