Is it possible for a Rafidi (Shia) to spill one drop of blood to free Al-Aqsa mosque???

Is it possible for a Rafidi (Shia) to spill one drop of blood to free Al-Aqsa mosque?

By: Sheikh Abu Muhammed al-Maqdese (hafudhohulloh)

For those who allowed the Husainiyat (Shia temples) to open in Gaza, and placed crowns of flowers on the graves of the Ayatollah of Qom!

And for those who know the banner of the Hizb (party) of Satan and applaud it! Ponder and reflect upon these realities…

All praise is due to Allah and peace and blessings are upon His messenger

To proceed:

One of the biggest scholars of the Shia in our time (Jafar Murtada Al Amilee) has written a book called (Where is the Aqsa mosque?) and another book called (The saheeh of the seerah of the great prophet). He claimed in them that the real Aqsa mosque that the prophet saws went to on the night journey (Al Israa wal Miraaj) is in the heavens and not on earth, and that means that the Aqsa mosque that the Muslims are waging Jihad to free is nothing but a fake mosque that has no worth for the Shia and something that shouldnt have blood spilled for! And therefore the Shia finds nothing wrong with the Jews demolishing it.

To avoid any ignorants saying that these are only some beliefs of this individual or the interpretation of this scholar that has nothing to do with the Qom or his Ayatollahs, and has nothing to do with Iran or their policies? We say:

Firstly: the writer of these books that propagate the negligence of the mosque of Al-Aqsa by saying that its in the heaven and not on earth, he received an honoring from the president najad himself and he was awarded with the best book in Iran, so ponder: the best book, and why?

And it was mentioned in the best book (according to Iran and their president), that these ignorants have hope in and travel to their country that: “the Aqsa mosque that happened in the night journey, and that Allah blessed around is in the heaven.” (The saheeh from the seerah of the great prophet) by Al-Amilee (3/106)

And it was also mentioned in it “that when Umar (ibnul khattab) entered Jerusalem there were no mosque at all, and especially not even to be called Al-Aqsa” (the saheeh from the seerah of the great prophet) (3/137) fifth edition 1427H. 2006 AC (the Islamic institute for studies)

And in his book (where is the Aqsa mosque?) he said:” it has become clear to us many facts regarding the Aqsa mosque, and that has been determined that it is not the one in Palestine“!!

Secondly: Al-Amilee did a great effort in adding the quotes of his scholars and the narrations of the Shia that also indicates what he mentioned about the Aqsa mosque being in the heaven. And that it isnt that mosque in Jerusalem that the common Muslims know and yearn to free from the claws of the Jews! And that confirms that this belief is one of the foundations of the Shia and they dont see it as just an interpretation of one single scholar, or a deviation that is unaccepted.

From the proofs they used to say that the Aqsa mosque is in the heaven wat was mentioned in the book “Bihaar Al-Anwaar” by Al-Majlisee: “It was narrated from Abu Abdullah alayhissalaam that he said: I asked him about the mosques that have superiority and he said: Al haram and the mosque of the prophet saws. So I said: what about al Aqsa mosque may I be sacrificed for you, he said that is in the heaven where the prophet (saw) was on the night journey. So I said: people say it’s in Jerusalem? So he said: the mosque in al kufa is better than it.”!! (Bihaar A-Anwaar by Al-Majlisee 90/22) ([1])

So this is a green light from the Shia and Iran to the Jews to continue their efforts to demolish the Aqsa and build their alleged temple on its ruins.

So which ignorant would after this depend on the Shia, Iran and Hizb Alshaytan (Hizbullah) in their claims to free Palestine and Jerusalem that they are fooling the naïve and ignorant as long as the mosque that the prophet saws went to on the night journey and that Allah blessed around, is according to them in the heaven and not in Palestine or Jerusalem! And as long as the mosque in Kufa, is better for them than the mosque in Jerusalem that they dont acknowledge.

Thirdly: its well known that the Shia give little priority to the 3 mosques that the prophet saws said you only can travel to, but they make traveling to graves of their scholars and to some places in Karbala greater than traveling to the 3 mosques that the scholars of ahlu sunnah see as the only 3 mosques you can travel to, and there are some narrations of the Shia that confirms that, and they are many:

From Abu Abdullah that he said: (“whoever visits the grave of “Al Hussain” on the day of Arafah, Allah will write for him a million pilgrims with al qaaim may Allah be pleased with him, and a million with the prophet saws and he has freed a thousand humans and the weight of a thousand horses in the cause of Allah, and Allah swt will call him my true servant who believed in my promises and the angels will say:so and so is a righteous believer and Allah has purified him from above his throne, and is called on earth as “karobiya”)[Wasail Al Shia10/360]

And their ayatollah Abdul Husayn says about this: “Allah has from his Mercy made the grave of the Husssain an alternative instead of the house of Allah in (Makkah) to adhere to for those who cant make it to offer the pilgrimage, and the reward for it for some of the believers who obey by the laws of the visit is greater than the reward for offering the pilgrimage as it is mentioned by the narrations about this subject.” (Al Thawra Al Husainiyah p.51)

And from Abu Abdullah that he said: “Allah starts by looking at the visitors of the Hussain peace be upon him on the evening of Alarafah before he looks at the people of the stand? He said yes. They said and how is that? He said: because with them are children of fornication, but with those are no children of fornication” (Wasail Al Shia 10/361)

May Allahs curse be upon the transgressors, the children of the prohibited Mutah.

And Al Jafar Al-Sadiq said:” the land under the Kabah said who is like me when the house of Allah was build upon me, and the people come to me from every direction and I was made the sacred and safe place.

So Allah revealed to it stop and reside, what you have been given of grace from the grace of Karbala is only like the needle who was inserted into the sea and what it got from the water, and was it not for the soil of Karbala you wouldnt have gotten any grace and if it wasnt for who was in the soil of Karbala I wouldnt have made you or made the house that you were proud of so stop and reside and be like a humble sin, lowly and despised and dont reject or be arrogant over the soil of Karbala or I would sink you and throw you into the fire of hell.“(Aamil Al-Ziyarat page 270, and Bihar Al-Anwnar by Al-Majlisee 101/190 and its also mentioned in Haqq Al-Yaqin page 145)

And it was mentioned in Alwafi by Alfayd Alkashani in the section about the grace of Kufa and its mosque in the second volume page 215: (“O people of Kufa, Allah loved you like no one else by the grace of your serum from the house of Adam, Noah, Idrees and Ibrahim.. and days and nights will go by and the black stone will be poured here.”)

And it was narrated by Alkaleeni from Abu Abdullah that he said: “verily if the believer goes to the grave of Alhusain on the day of Arafah and had a shower at the river of Furat then went there, he will get by every step he takes the reward of a pilgrimage with all its rulings- and I heard he said: and like a conquest.“(Furoo Alkafi 4/580)

And the authority of the Shia Muhammad Sadiq Alsadr mentioned that the grave of Ali (ra) is better than the Kabah, and therefore the shirk and pilgrimage they perform there is greater to them than offering the pilgrimage at the Kabah, he said:

there is a narration that shows that Karbala is greater than the house of Allah (the Kabah) and we know that Ali (ra) is better than Hussain as it is mentioned in the narrations so his (Ali) grave is better than his (Hussain) and therefore it is better than the Kabah aswel.” (Almasalah (9) page 5 min kasarat al masail al deniyah wa ajwibatiha/second chapter)

And it was mentioned in the book (Minhaj Alsaliheen) by Alkhoee the bigger authority for the Imams at his time: (its preferable to pray under the sight (in front of their graves) of the aimmah (ra), and he said: its better than praying in mosques and its mentioned that praying towards Ali (ra) is equal to 200.000 prayers.)

And regarding praying in the mosque of the prophet (saws) Alkhooee said in his book: “praying in the mosque of the prophet (saws) is equal to 10.000 prayers.

So praying in the mosque of the prophet (saws) is lower than the grave of Ali (ra) by 20 degrees.

The Imam of a mosque in the city of Mashhad in Iran their Ayatollah (Ahmad ilm al huda), dared to say that the city of Mashhad should be the qiblah of the Muslims instead of Makkah during the Friday ceremony that was transferred by the Iranian press agency “Faris” because the lands of Hijaz have become a victim of Wahabism, and Iraq is occupied by disbelievers and the extorters so the holy city of Mashhad alone could be the center of the muslims.”

And he added that the city of Mashhad is visited by 800.000 from outside Iran and 20 millions from inside Iran during the year. And he mentioned that Mashhad is considered a spiritual and religious city even before the presence of Imam Ridha the eight imam of the Shia, claiming that the prophet (saws) regarded it as a holy place and an institution for spreading Islamic knowledge.

So if this is what they feel towards the sacred house of Allah and the mosque of the prophet saws, then its no surprise how they feel towards the Aqsa mosque thats in Jerusalem.

And that they announce that they dont recognize the Aqsa mosque in their printed and widespread books, and that their government gives prizes for, that way they give the green light to the Jews to continue demolishing it and building their temple.

Forth: theres still something the reader should know that the prophet saws said what was narrated by Muslim in his saheeh:” The Dajjal will be followed by 70000 Jews of Isfahan having on themselves Persian shawls.”

And the Tayalisa (mentioned in the hadith) is the plural of (Taylasan) which is foreign made Arabic. And it is a garment that is worn on the shoulders and around the body, it is weaved and not cut or sowed and is worn by the Jews of Iran today. And asfahan or parts of it was called yahudiya before due to the Jews living there.

Ibn Hajr said in Fath Albaree: Abu Naeem said in the history of asbahan: Yahudiya was the villages of Asbahan and it was called Yahudiya because it was specifed for the Jews. He said: “and it remained like that until Ayoub bin Ziyad the prince of Egypt at the time of al Mahdi bin Mansour made it Egyptian and let the Muslims live there and only a part of it remained for the Jews.

And the last information that makes you wonder and surprises you, we will mention that and end with this:

Is what was mentioned by Alkileeni the shii in his book Alkafi from Abu Abdullah that he said: “when the individual that will arrive in charge of the family of Muhammad, he would judge between the people with the judgments of Dawud as.”

So isnt the judgment of Dawud like the judgment of Muhammad saws?

And why would their awaited individual who will arrive by the rules of Dawud and not by the rules of Muhammad saws? A question we want the answer to from their ayatollah Qom and their followers in Gaza and other places.

It was narrated by al numani the author of the book Algheibah:” if the Imam says the athan he calls Allah by his Hebrew name!!”

Strange: as Yahwa is the Hebrew name that the Jews use and is mentioned in their holy book, so I wonder why their Imam calls Allah by this name and not the name that the Muslims use?

The truth about these questions needs an answer, and those who are most appropriate to answer these questions are Ayatollah Qom and their followers everywhere, and for them to patch their answers for these questions.

And our first question remains present: until when will some ignorants remain waiting for the Shia to free the Aqsa mosque! And travel to Teheran! And place flower crowns on the graves of ayatollah Qom! And raise the banner of the part of Satan? And throw themselves on the laps of the Shia?



([1])See the book the Shia and Al-Aqsa, and the al raasid site as there is where I got the information about this subject.


Translated by Minbar Tawheed

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