:::Sheikh Al-Albãni On Obedience To The Rulers:::

:::Sheikh Al-Albãni On Obedience To The Rulers:::

#72: “and we do not support rebellion against our rulers even if they are unjust. And we do not curse them and we do not withdraw from obeying them. And we see that obedience to them is part of obedience to Allah and an obligation for as long as they do not give a sinful command. And we pray for their goodness and health.”


I say: And it is crystal clear that this is restricted to the muslims amongst them alone based on the statement of Allah:
“Oh you who believe, obey Allah and obey the messenger and the people of authority from you (you muslims)…”
[Sûratu Nisãi ãyah 59]

However, as for those kuffar colonizer, there is no obedience to them rather, it is obligatory to make sufficient preparation against them in order to overthrow them and clean the land from their filth. As for the bad interpretation of the word of Allah, ‘minkum’ to mean feekum (i.e. from you to mean among you), it is a Qãdiyani bid’ah (started by the Ahmadiyyah people) and a conspiracy of the english people to mislead the muslims and force them to obey Kuffar who are colonizers. May Allah clean them off the land.

[Sharhu Aqeedati tahãwiyah, sharhu wa ta’aleeq muhammad nãsiru deen al albãni]

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