Shia: Aqeedah Of The Shia

Shia: Aqeedah Of The Shia

In the name of Allah the most beneficial the most merciful.

The Shia is a very old innovated sect in Islam and it is the second deviant group to emerge after the misguided Khawãrij.

The history of how this sect emerged is beyond the scope of this treatise, I only desire to point out their evil aqeedah.

The Shia later divided into many subgroups and Maðhãib with differences in matters of Aqeedah. The Shia trend I will like to focus on in this brief treatise is the Shia Imãmiyyah and we would by the will of Allah explore the seven worst items of their creed.

But why Imãmiyyah of all shia factions?
The answer is contained in the following:

1. The Maðh’hab of Shia Imaamiyah tends to be the dominant of all Shia Madh’habs today.

2. The Iranian state officially follows this Shia Madh’hab calls to it and its embassies across the world are major centers for the propagation of this religion of theirs.

3. It is the most dangerous of all Shia trends and the most threatening to the pure creed of Islam.

4. It has turned out to be a source of confusion and fitnah for the youths of Ahlu Sunnah who desire political changes and are unable to receive guidance and mentorship from the circles of Ahlu Sunnah, they therefore end up following the Raafidi political thinking and serve the interest of the Rawaafid under the guise of working for Islam.

Hence the need to focus on this brand of Shi’ism.

Everything that would be mentioned in this treatise clearly applies to the Iranian state and this is because article 12 of the Iranian Constitution says:
“The official religion of Iran is Islam and the Ja’afari ithnaa ashari Madh’hab and this article would remain for ever and is not changeable.”

1. They believe that Ahlu Sunnah are Kuffar and anyone who follows other than Shi’ism is a Kaafir.

Narrated from Ar-Riddah, He said: He is not upon the religion of Islam he who is different from us or other than our Shia (group)
[Reported by Kulayni in Al Kaafi vol. 1 page 233]

2. They belittle the messengers of Allah and prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them.
The leader of their religion- Khomeini -said on June 28 1980 in an address to the Iranian people to mark the birth day of their expected Imaam which falls on 15th of Sha’abaan:
“Each of the prophets came to establish justice but each of them failed including the last of the prophets Muhammad sollallohu alayhi wasallam who came to reactify the affairs of mankind and establish justice, he could not achieve it as well. The one who will succeed in establishing justice on all corners of the world is the expected Mahdi”
[Mukhtaaraat min ahaadeeth wa khitõbaatil Imãmi Khomeini]

3. They believe in the Aqeedah of Badaa’
Badã’ is for an issue or affair to appear after which it had been hidden. And this aqeedah to the Shia Imaamiyyah, it means that an affair will become clear to Allah of which he had no knowledge of it before and without doubt this is from the doctrine of the Jews.
It was narrated from Zaraarah bn A’yun that he said: nothing is used to worship Allah as good as al Badã’
It is also narrated from Abu Abdillah claiming that he said: No prophet would become a prophet until he affirms five things for Allah: Al Badã’, Al Mashiyyah (free will), Asujûd, Al Ubudiyyah and At taa’ah (obedience).
[Usuulu Kaafi vol.1 page 146]

4. They exaggerate the Muslim Rulers and believe they can abandon the Shareeah. [Just like the fake Salafis]
They also believe that the leaders of the Muslims are protected from falling into errors and that they have the free will to make things Halãl or Harãm and they believe that Islamic leadership is ranked over prophethood. The evidence for this is what is found in their books:
it was narrated from Ja’far sõdiq that he said: we are the guards of the knowledge of Allah, we are the interpreters of the command of Allah, we are protected from errors, obedience to us is commanded and disobedience to us is forbidden and we are the ultimate evidence of Allah upon all who are beneath the heaven and above the earth.
As he also said: The leaders know what is in the past and future and nothing is hidden to them.
[Usûlul Kãfi vol.1 page 160]

And Khomeini said: From the fundamentals of our belief is that our leaders have a position that is never attained neither by a righteous angel nor a sent prophet!
[Al Hukûmatul Islãmiyyah page 52, the cairo edition of 1979]
and he said on page 113 of the same book: the teachings of our leaders is just like the teachings of the Qur’ãn.

5. They believe the Quran was distorted.
Their scholars both from the early generations and the contemporaries all believe that the Quran has been changed examples are Kulayni in his book Al Kaafi, Muhammad Baaqir al Majlisee in his encyclopedia “Bihaarul Anwaar and several others among their predecessors and non of the contemporaries have come out to deny or reject the claims of their predecessors rather, they all rever them and consider them to be their leaders in knowledge and piety.
Kulayni reported a narration which he attached to Ja’afar bn Muhammad Sõdiq where the later said: “The Mushaf (Quran) of Faatimah is with us, peace be upon her, and how would they know the Mushaf of Faatimah? It is a Mushaf which contains three folds the type of your Quran, by Allah, there is not a single letter in it from your Quran.”
[Al Kaafi v1 p239 Kitaabul Hujjah. Tahran edition]

and Muhammad Baaqir al Majlisee said:
there are many narrations explicitly stating that the Quran is incomplete and distorted and they are Mutawaatir in meaning!
[Mir’aatul Uquul page 253]

and Ni’matullah al Jazaairiy said:
“There are Mutawaatir narrations which indicate explicitly that distortions occured to the Qur’an in words and items”
[Al Anwaaru Ni’imaaniyyah v.2 p357]

6. They have a corrupt belief about Jihad.
“Jihad is forbidden until the appearance of the absent Imaam (Al-Imaamul Ghaaib) that is being expected and it (Jihad) is not valid except under his banner while the scholars represent the expected Imaam (mahdi) in political and economic issues except for Jihad which can not be undertaken except in the presence of the absent Imaam.”
[Tahreerul Waseelah v1 page 482].
Here, they sound like the Madkhalees or Saudi Salafis and actually, the fake salafis inherited this Bid’ah from the Shia. In Shã’a lloh, I have a book written on this Bid’ah which I titled:
بدعة رافضية : ‎”‎لا‎ ‎جهاد بلا إمام‎”‎
A Raafidi (Shia) Innovation: There Is No Jihad Without An Imãm. I hope it would be published in the next few weeks.

7. They hate and make Takfeer of the Sahaabah.
Part of their aqeedah is to hate the Sahaaba, peace be upon them, curse them, accuse them of corruption and illicit acts, and make takfeer of them especially the first three Khulafah, Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthmãn and people like Talhah, Abdu Rahmaan bn Awf, Zubayr bn Awwaam, Abu Ubeidah, Khaalid bn Waleed and so on may Allah be pleased with them all. And they claim that all of the Sahaabah became apostate after the death of the prophet sollallohu alayhi wasallam except for a few which they exempted and who were less than ten.

Al Kulayni reported from Ja’afar that he said: People were all apostates after the death of the prophet sollallohu alayhi wa sallam except for three, then I said: who are the three? He said: Al Miqdãd bin Aswad, Abu Dharr AlGifaari and Salmaan AlFaarisi.
[Usuulul Kaafi v3 p85]

And they do make this Dua’: “oh Allah shower mercy and blessings on Muhammad and his household and curse the two idols and Taaghuut of Quraish and their two daughters.”
with that, they mean Abu Bakr, Umar, Ãishah and Hafsah, may Allah be pleased with them all.
[Miftãul Janaan]

And Khomeini said about the two Sahaabahs, Abu Bakr and Umar:
we would rather point to the ignorance of those two people about the creator and the religion. Verily, the likes of these two ignorant and foolish individuals are not eligible to be in the post of leadership or be in the company of the people of authority.
[Kashful Asraar page 108]
and he said about Umar bn Al Khattaab:
His actions spring from the actions of Kufr and being a Zindeeq, it all goes against the aayaats revealed in the Qur’aan.
[Kashful Asraar p116]

What I have compiled here contains the most evil of their believes while they have some other ones which might not necessarily render them Kuffar and that is why I did not include those ones.

The above has shown without doubt that the Iranian government is a Kaafir government and every other person who believes in what has been stated above is a Kaafir whom Allah has ordered us to make takfeer of.

I pray Allah uses this to benefit the muslim youths and rescue them from the encroaching rãfida political thinking. And peace mercy upon the messenger of Allah, his household, companions and those who follow their steps until the last day.

Abutawheed Aningiriyyi
21-06-1435H | 20-04-2014

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  1. qasimala says:

    Excellent article. I have linked to it in my quora answer (Qasim Ala) as there were many Shia people answering there. Please do upvote it so it gets seen more.

  2. Muslim says:

    You pasted the same text twice in the article.

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