The Brief Alert! On The Misguidance Of Abdul-Hakeem Infoman & His Blog (naijainfoman)

In the name of Allah the most high, Peace and blessings be upon our prophet who said in an authentic narration.

“A party of my Ummah will not cease to be victorious upon the truth, it will not harm them whoever contradicts them or betrays them until the command of Allah comes while they remain victorious .’’

Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdi-Rahman Aba-Bateen may Allah have mercy upon him said in his commentary on the above hadith:

“And what is meant is not only victory by sword always rather, with evidence always and sword at times’’

And Sheikhul- Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said in his Fataawa (4/13):

“The one who refutes the people of innovation is a mujaahid’’.

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al–Maqdisi said:

“There is no doubt that one of the best forms of Jihad in the path of Allah in every era is to defend the shariah and reveal the doubts of the confussionists who distort and deviate as well as argue on behalf of the Taaghut, and the one who belittles this form of Jihad, he does not know what the Salaf were upon of the different forms of Jihad and such a person does not understand what the Salaf understood about jihad.”

The words of scholars are numerous in this regard such that Al- Imaam Yahya bn Yahya said:

“Defending the Sunnah is greater than fighting Jihad in the path of Allah defending the Sunnah is greater than attacking with sword”

Although the words of the Imaam might not be right except when we take it to mean that “fighting and attacking with sword bears more fruit only when it is shaded under the umbrella of knowledge.”

Imam Ahmad Bun Hanbal was once asked:

A man fast, prays and perform I‘tikaaf, is he more beloved to you than for him to speak against the people of Bid’ah?

He may Allah have mercy upon him replied:

“If he prays and does I‘tikaaf, he is serving himself but when he speaks against the people of Bid’ah, he is serving the Muslims and this is better”

And since there are still among the Muslims those who do not know anything about their religion expect through the official media or listening to fake Sheikhs or Mock muftis [an example is the owner of this blog and his gang]. We are very much in need of revealing their doubts , exposing their lies and confusions, I pray Allah grants me the strength and sincerity and make us from among his servants and monotheist soldiers.

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