Tazkiyyah (Recommendation) of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, Abu Qatada and Abu Basir

Tazkiyyah (Recommendation) of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, Abu Qatada and Abu Basir

Sheikh Ali Ibn Al-Khudayr was asked:

What do you see in those Shuyookh: ‘Abdul-Muneem Mustafa Haleemah, who’s kunya is Abu Basir at-Tartusi,  ‘Isaam Muhammed al-Barqaawi, commonly known as Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, and ‘Umar bin Mahmood, who’s kunya is Abu Qatadah al-Filisteeni

The Sheikh Answered:

“Those are scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah, and (sound) Tawheed and (correct) ‘aqeedah, and they are from the people of Jihaad and writing and teaching, and we know nothing about them except good. And what some people fabricate upon them of lies, and false statements in the matters of takfir, then it is nothing but the making of the Murji’ah, and (they the three scholars) are of Ahl us-Sunnah in the matters of takfir and Iman, and our Sheikh Hamood ibn ‘Uqla’a as-Shu’aybi, used to praise them, and recall them in good, and commend them, and defend them, he used to send letters and contact them, and vice versa.

And our Sheikh al-’Allamah Hamood ibn ‘Uqla’a as-Shu’aybi rahimahu Allah was asked about them in a teleconference he held in Morrocco, so he praised them and emphasised on reading their works and studying under them, and this was only two months before his death. I have heard him many a times in his seatings praising them and supplicating for them, and defending them, and some have telephoned him and read to him some of their books, and sent them to him as well.

Similar to this, I heard from many of the scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah who are with us: they praised them, and recalled them in all good, and defended them in what has been falsely attributed to them from lies and accusations, and we do not claim infallibility for anyone, but say “Be just: that is nearer to piety” , and do not look to the words of the people of irjaa’ and the people of authority (ahl as-Sultaan), and the apologetics and the modernists, for they do not praise the likes of these men nor do they like them, and with Allaah, the enemies are to be united, and “the oppressive people will know which destination they will end up with.

قال الشيخ العلامة علي الخضير فك الله أسره , وقد سئل هذا السؤال في لقائه مع منتدى السلفيون ” س 70/1 ما الذي ترونه في هؤلاء الشيوخ: عبد المنعم مصطفى حليمة الملقب بأبي بصير … عصام محمد البرقاوي المشهور بأبي محمد المقدسي … عمر بن محمود الملقب بأبي قتادة الفلسطيني؟

ج ـ هؤلاء من علماء أهل السنة والتوحيد والعقيدة ، ومن أهل الجهاد والتأليف والتعليم ، ولا نعلم عنهم إلا خيرا ، وقد قرأت لهم كتبا كثيرة ، وما يُفترى عليهم من الكذب والزور في مسائل التكفير فهو محض افتراء ومن صنع المرجئة ، وهم أهل سنة في باب التكفير والإيمان ، وكان شيخنا العلامة حمود بن عقلاء الشعيبي رحمه الله يثني عليهم خيرا ويمدحهم ويذب عنهم ، ويراسلهم ويراسلونه ، وسئل شيخنا حمود رحمه الله عنهم في ندوة ألقاها عبر الهاتف في المغرب العربي سئل عنهم فأثنى عليهم وحث على قراءة كتبهم والتتلمذ عليهم ، وكان ذلك قبل وفاته رحمه الله بشهرين تقريبا ، وقد سمعته مرارا وتكرارا وفي مجالس عدة يثني عليهم ويدعو لهم ويذب عنهم ، ولقد هاتف بعضهم بالهاتف وقُرأ عليه بعض كتبهم وراسل بعضهم

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