:::Ruling On Taking A Police Job:::


Ruling On Taking A Police Job

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Aasim al-Maqdisee said in I’daadu qaadaatil Fawaaris (2/5):

And it was authentically reported from the prophet sollallohu alayhi wa sallam that he said: “I fear for you six things, (and in another narration, avoid six things in your life time, and in another narration “avoid six things before death”): leadership of Fools[1], spilling the Blood, purchasing Justice, cutting family ties, a set of people who sing with the Qur’an and the abundance of Shurut (policemen).
[Musnad Imam Ahmad]

Al-Manaawi said in Faydul Qadeer: “Abundance of Shurut” with the usage of Shurut, Shurt, or Shurat means: Helpers of the rulers and the singular is Shurtiy and what is intended is their abundance at the gates of the rulers and kings and the more their number, the more injustice in the land.

I say: may Allah protect us and protect our monotheist brothers from this employment which has become a symbol of oppression and tyranny in this era of ours…Had there not be any other hadith to condemn this job and warn against it apart from this, it would have been sufficient since the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him has listed it among the forbidden things, and he peace be upon him neither fears for his Ummah nor does he warn them of good things or virtues, never! How then is the case when there are several ahadith and other texts that condemn and warn against it which we are unable to mention in this space.

[1] Note that the word ‘Fool’ has two meanings in the Shareeah. The first is the Major Fool and the second is the Minor Fool.

a. The Major Fool is a Kaafir (Infidel) about whom Allah says:

“and when it is said to them: believe as the people have believed, they say: shall we believe as the fools have believed? Verily, they are THE FOOLS, but they know not.”
[Suuratul Baqarah aayah 13]

“THE FOOLS among the people will say: what has turned them (muslims) from their Qiblah to which they used to face in prayer. Say: to Allah belong the east and west. He guides whom he wills to the straight way”
[Suuratul Baqarah aayah 142]

“and who turns away from the religion of Ibraheem (Abraham) except he who befools himself”
[Suuratul Baqarah aayah 130]

b. The Minor Fool is someone with mental retardation about whom Allah says:

“and do not give to the fools, your property which Allah has made a means of support for you but feed and clothe them therewith and speak to them words of kindness and justice.”
[Suuratu Nisaai aayah 5]

“…but if the debtor is a fool, weak or unable to dictate for himself, then let his guardian dictate in justice…”
[Suuratul Baqarah aayah 282]

excerpt from the book: “I’daadu qaadaatil Fawaaris bi hajri fasaadil madaaris” meaning “Preparing future military commanders by avoiding the corruption of schools” By Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisee

Translator’s note: the book is on Primary education for Muslim kids.

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