Why did you not respond to the invitation of Sheikh Alaa Saeed to debate you?

Why did you not respond to the invitation of Sheikh Alaa Saeed to debate you?

Question Number: 7285

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.
Everyone knows what is facing the Salafi Jihad trend in the world today and what it is facing of combat, distortions, lies, fraud, imprisonment and jailing of it’s scholars and followers And all this was a big reason in the failure of reaching out her voice to all people But in the recent times, there began a breakthrough in Egypt and Tunisia, there was a debate on the Ar-Rahmah channel between the Scholars of Salafi Jihad  and political Salafi ….Everyone knows what happened But I was surprised by Sheikh Alaa Saeed classifying and confounding your “doubts” and evidences and inviting you to respond to them on his program, but unfortunately none of you dares to respond.
Knowing that you were always calling for debates and claiming that the Kufr system and your opponents are afraid to confront you in a debate. So, what is now the issue with you when it became a reality and we are yet to hear from you a single response, especially since Sheikh Alaa Saeed had demanded you reply.
So do we understand that you are afraid of being exposed and the fakeness of your Daawah being revealled? or is there another perspective to the issue?
Please we hope that you respond as soon as possible so that the whole puzzle is solved and cleared.
Questioner: Jalal Assuyooti

In the name of Allah the Merciful Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the Holy Prophet and his family and companions.

Honourable brother (Jalal Suyooti): I did not hear the words of Sheikh Alaa Saeed and I was not informed about it, if in his speech there are some doubts or issues that contradict what we say it is OK to send it to us and we, Allah willing, we will respond to those we can though time does not allow us to respond to a lot of messages we receive.
However, if Sheikh Alaa Saeed is ready for a debate on those issues I’m ready also. And we are not afraid of debates, but welcome them because through it the truth can be clarified and exposed. If it turns out during the debate that what we are saying is right, then praise be to Allah for that, and if it turns out that what we are saying is wrong we renounce it and repent to Allah, and we seek refuge with Allah from being among the people who insist upon falsehood.
We did not stick to this Manhaj for mundane reasons or for personal interests, but we sticked to it because we know it is the correct and right Manhaj, and if it should become clear to us that it is otherwise, we would be the first to oppose it. This is in reference to the Manhaj as a whole, and as well as for partial issues whatever be it’s size.

And Allah knows best.

Answered by a member of the Shariah Committee:

Sheikh Abul-Mundhir As-Shinqeeti


Minbar Tawheed Q&A

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