Is it permissible to take knowledge from Yusuf al- Qaradawi?

Question: Is it permissible to take knowledge from Yusuf al- Qaradawi?

Question Number: 2045

Praise be to Allah who exalts Islam with His help, and allured disbelievers with his deception, and destined days in turns with his justice, and peace and blessings be upon the one with whom Allah lightened the milestones of Islam with his sword; The Cheerful The Fighter, afterwards: Dear brotherly Scholars in this blessed pulpit May Allah guide your path and increase you in knowledge and guidance, then: I would like to ask your opinion on Yusuf al- Qaradawi? Do you advise taking knowledge from him?
I heard he said about the Mujahideen’s destruction of the polytheistic tombs (grave mosques): “It’s a Fitnah (sedition) that is not permissible!” Please I expect answer quickly from you. May Allah bless you and may Allah reward you.
Questioner: Abu Iyyaash

Answer: Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah My questioner brother:
Imam Muhammad bin Sireen may Allah have mercy upon him said: “This Knowledge is a religion, so, check from whom you take your religion.” [Narrated by Muslim in his introduction].

If we look at the conditions of Yusuf al-Qaradawi we know with certainty the rule of taking knowledge from him, and some of his conditions are:

First: He does not know any thing called Al Walaa Wal baraa (loyalty and disavowal) in Islam
He says: “Christians, all issues between us are common, we are the sons of one nation and our destination is one .. I call them our Christian brothers .. Some oppose this how do I say our ‘Christian brothers’, Allah says:
(The believers are brothers) [Suuratul hujuraah aayah 10]
Yes; we are believers and they are believers in another way!
He said on the same program about the Copts:
“they offered thousands of Shuhadaah: (martyrs)!”
Qaradawi also says: “the enmity between us and the Jews is due to the land and not for the sake of religion ..” ..
Then he continued his speech, he says
(you will find the most hostile to those who believe to be the Jews and the polyteists) [suuratul maaidah aayah 82]: refers only to the time of Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessiings of Allah be upon him. Meanwhile, he made reference to the end of the aayah to prove that the christians of today are closer to Muslims!

He said: “If Muslims are victorious their Christian brothers are victorious as well without any doubt if the Muslims are humiliated their Christian brothers are also humiliated.”

And not only that! He signed a fatwa authorizing the so called Muslim soldiers in the U.S. Army to fight the Muslims in Afghanistan, and in the conclusion (of the Fatwa):
“The conclusion: there is nothing wrong, God willing, for the Muslim soldiers – in the U.S. military – to participate in fighting in the expected battles against those “who practice terrorism or harbor ‘terrorists’ or offer them opportunities for training and planning from their soil. ”

Second: He rejects authentic ahadeeth with his deviant intellect:

Reported in Muslim as a marfoo hadith: (my father and your father are in the fire).

Qaradawi said: “I said: What is the guilt of Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib that he would be in the fire, when he is one of the people of the Fatrah (period of no messenger) and it is true that they are all free?!”

And established in the two saheeh (Bukhari and Muslim) as marfoo:
(Death would be brought in the form of a ram).

Qaradawi said: “It is known certainly as agreed upon by the mind and evidences that death is not a ram or a bull nor an animal.”

And established in the two saheeh (Bukhari and Muslim) as marfoo: (A people will never succeed who made a woman their leader).
Qaradawi said: “This is restricted to the era of the Prophet, peace be upon him, when the rule was for men, but now, no way.”

And established as saheeh: (I did not see anything lacking in mind and religion to seize the senses of a firm man than any of you).
Qaradawi said: “That was from the prophet just as a joke.”

And established as Saheeh: (A muslim is not killed for killing a kaafir).
Qaradawi said – after insisting a Muslim should be killed for an infidel contrary to the hadeeth – said: “This is the opinion which only fits with this era of ours and no any other …”

Third: as for the funny fataawah like listening to song and music, shaving beards, and isbaal involved dresses, adornments and statue, and sale of alcohol and pork to the infidels, and shaking hands with women, and wearing the garments of Kuffar, and travel of women to study without a mahram .. etc. .. It is complete rubbish and there is no gain saying!
To learn more about this man and his affairs check:

“Al Haqqu daamig li da’aawaa fi dihdi mazaaim Qaradawi” by Sheikh Abdul Karim Hamid, may Allah protect him ..
Or “Wujubu nusratil muslimeen fi Afghanistan wa Kufru man dhoohara alayhim abadata sulbaan” and “Kashfu talbeesil ahbaar wa ruhbaan” by our Sheikh Abu Muhammad al- Maqdisi, may Allah protect him ..
Or “Almikyaalul awfaa fi roddi alaa areedil qafaa”, or “Attamaaimu dimuqrotiyat wa amaaimu qardoowiyah” or “Anaasheedul arabiyat laa islaamiyah” All three of our Sheikh Abul Fadl Alhaddoshi May Allah hasten his release ..
Or “al-fataawa al mutasayyibah; Qaradawi yuhilul ginaa’” or “Munaaqashatu Sheikh Yusuf al- Qaradawi fi mawduui dimuqratiyyah” and “Yusuf al- Qaradawi yatalaa’abu bi aqeedatil Muslimeen” All three by Shaykh Muhammad Alfazazi May Allah hasten his release ..
Or “Khulaasatu ba’adi afkaar Sheikh Yusuf al- Qaradawi,” by Sheikh Naasir al- Fahd may Allah hasten his release ..
Or “Saakiyatu laatimat bahran” by Sheikh Abdul-Azeez Jerbuu’i, may Allah protect him ..
Or “Waqfaat ma’a fatwal Qaradawi hawla qawaaidil amreekiyah” by Sheikh Abdul-Aakhir Hammad, may Allah protect him, and many others, contemporary Islamic book shops are filled with scientific rejoinders against this man!

So is it permissible after all these to seek the knowledge from the likes of Yusuf al-Qaradawi?!

Never should he be listened to, nor honoured.

Answered by a member of the Shariah Committee:
Sheikh Abu Hamam Bakr bin Abdul Azeez al-Atharee (Turkish Ben Ali)


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