A question about the validity of the term “Salafi Jihadi” and is it correct to divide Salafiyyah into categories?

A question about the validity of the term “Salafi Jihadi” and is it correct to divide Salafiyyah into categories?
Question Number: 120

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.
Our Shaykh May Allah bless you and treat you well, an important question: Is this term “Salafi Jihadi” correct?!
Is it correct to divide Salafiyyah into categories?!
This Jihadi Salafi and this Academic …. this, and so on?!
And what about the one who abandons Jihad and denies its existence in this era and says Jihad is seeking knowledge only, if he follows the path of Salafiyyah in some issues apart from Jihad and loyalty to evil doers, is it correct to attach him to the Salafi Manhaj?!!
May Allah reward you all the best our Sheikh

Questioner: Abu Jareer

Respondent: Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. My honourable brother if you desire verification .. It is not allowed to describe as Salafi anybody who abandons Jihad and walks in the footsteps of Tawaagheet and sides with them even if his Manhaj in the Furu’ (branches) is a commitment to the Sunnah, not a blind follower and investigate the evidence. This is so because the Salaf were the farthest to the Doors of Sultans in the eras of Shareeah and conquests not to talk of the era of Tawaagheet and their war against the religion and Shareeah…

The term Salafi Jihadi, we did not name ourselves with it but people used it on this trend of ours and we did not denounce it or distance ourselves from it because those who named us as such looked at the reality of the people of this trend and tried to redress this description, which they saw as their reality and their condition and tried to avoid the terminology of the Tawaagheet which is distorted and false and frequently used by Kufr governments and paid misguided media like Takfeeris, Khawaarij, deviant group, extremists and the likes ..

The fact that the sons of this trend are silent on being named Salafi Jihadis does not mean they are pleased with naming the Madkhali trends, the Jahmees, and the present day Murjiah as Academic Salafis or Reformist Salafis or so, but we call them Vaunted Salafis, contemporary Murjiahs, contemporary Jahmees, Party of the Rulers and the likes because this is their reality, what they are and their real condition ..

May Allah help you in all that is good and may Allah reward you for your question and your nice observation that you raised.

-Sheikh Abu Muhammad Aasim al-Maqdisi.
[May Allah protect him and free him from prison]


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