Why Did Man Leave The Fitrah (Natural Disposition)?

Why Did Man Leave The Fitrah (Natural Disposition)???

From what has been authenticated from the prophet sollallohu alayhi wa sallam that he said:

“every child his born on the fitrah (natural disposition to true Islam)[and in a narration from Thrimidhee: on the millah i.e. Religion]] it is his parents who turn him to a Yahuudi or Nasaarah or Majuusi [Bukhari]

Due to the Fitrah (unique form of creation by Allah) people don’t like injustice, people would reject Kufr, people would reject Democracy, Zionism,Communism, people would never be fake Salafis and people would reject all forms of evil.

In fact if people are left alone on this Fitrah, they will worship Allah, they will purify the religion for Allah alone, they will be good, they will fight for the sake of Allah only and they will surely help each other. But because of the propaganda of Shaytan (Kufr News Media), on TV  and Radio, because of corruption and putting the leadership in the hands of the Taaghuut and not in the hands of Ribiyyun(Godly men), because of Ulamau su’u (evil scholars) and because of the oppressive and Kufr laws of men like Jonathan, Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez, Obama, David Cameron, Fashola, Amisu, Aregbeshola, Shetima e.t.c, people have been deceived, people’s minds have been corrupted and we see men worshipping men like them like Bashar al Asad, like Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez, like Obama, like Tinubu and so on and we see men deaf and dump ignorant of the path of Salafiyyah (Islam in it’s original form) and following satanic ways which the Shaytan has beautified for them.

So, as muslims, one of our greatest duties is to remove all these impediments preventing men from the path of Islam, from the path of the noble messenger, we remove these impediments and make it easy for men, make it easy for them to think clearly about Allah and make a free choice. Hence the story of the three companions who were questioned by Rustum and the reply of Rabee’ bn Aamir: “Allah Azza wa jal has sent us to deliver you from worshiping the creation to worshiping the Creator of the creation and to deliver you from the constriction of this world to the vastness of this world and the after life and from the oppression of the religions to the justice of Islam….”

>>Oh Allah help Islam and the Muslims!

>>Oh Allah humiliate the Jews and the Christians

>>Oh Allah help whosoever  helps the religion of Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wa salam and make us from among them

>>Oh Allah humiliate whosoever humiliates the religion of Muhammad Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and do not make us from among them

>>Oh Allah free us from the Tawaagheet of the Arabs and Non-Arabs

>>Oh Allah strike terror into the hearts of the Kuffar

>>Oh Allah unite our hearts on loving you and make our actions united on obedience to you

>>Oh Allah raise us among the victorious group on the day of Qiyaamah.

->>>Abutawheed Aningiriyi


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