What should be our position on the (anticipated) events in Egypt against the Brotherhood?

What should be our position on the (anticipated) events in Egypt against the Brotherhood?

Question Number: 7512

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy What position should we the group of Muwahhideen (Unitarian) have towards the events that are expected to be bloody on June 30 in Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood, we know that Shaykh Abul-Mundhir A-Shinqeeti opposes any help to the Brotherhood and that is the view of many of the brothers.
But after the events in the recent period and the attack on a number of mosques by the secularists and Christians, there appeared some voices within the brothers, which fear a repeat of the experience of Ataturk once again. So began hints to support the Brotherhood during the current period only for the sake of Islam and what remained of it in Egypt.
And some of the brothers believe that the Brotherhood system is even more dangerous than outright secular systems because their system will be fooling and decieving commoners that it is an Islamic regime. What is your opinion about those views that have emerged recently.
Questioner: Omar the Egyptian

In the name of God the Merciful Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the Holy Prophet and his family and companions.
And after:
Our opinion and Allah knows best is that our brothers in Egypt, they have to pay attention to propagate their Daawah and not preoccupy themselves with such conflict, which would not return its fruit except on the parties concerned.

We do not support standing on the side of the secularists in this battle because if they would have succeeded in what they want to achieve, it will only lead to the absence of the Shariah, obscuring its landmarks and fighting all those who call to it ..
We also do not suppprt standing by the Brotherhood today because they do not raise the banner of Sharia and do not seek to apply it, but rather seek to consolidate the democratic system .. But if they are restored, they will not be more merciful or better than others as regards the people of Tawheed and supporters of the Jihadist approach, but will try to eliminate them and uproot them from their roots because they had openly displayed the corruption of the Muslim Brotherhood Manhaj.

What happened yesterday and still happening today in Gaza and Tunisia testifies to this fact. So, if we were to stand with the Muslim Brotherhood in this conflict while we oppose them in every Manhaj, we’ll be in an awkward position: either we praise and commend them and to say other than what we believe about them!! or criticize them and publicise what we know of their flaws then we will be effectively helping their enemies not them..!!
So, steering clear of this battle is more useful to us .. As regard the words of some of them: It is not permissible to stand idly in a battle between Islamists and secularists ..!
We say to him: Yes, one may not stand idly in such a battle if the “Islamists” truly adhered to the laws of God and sought to apply it ..

But when “Islamists” praise the democratic system … Is a Muwahid pleased to submit his innocent blood and soul for the sake of empowerment of a constitution that its companions want nothing but democracy .. ???

Our message to the Muslim Brotherhood should be clear: You have indeed allied with the secularists and infidels and you mutilated the religion in order to unite with them, however they did not benefit you except deciet and open enmity… However here are the people of Tawheed – after all the abuses and assaults from you – they say to you:

“If you help the religion we will help you, and if you obey the Sharia of Allah, we’ll follow you.
Be committed to the laws of Allah and shun democracy and what it contains of Kufr, and reject polytheistic constitutions and we’ll be your helpers and supporters ..”

The Ataturk experience is not viable in today’s circumstances because of the spread of different Islamic tides, the application of that is far from possibility in Egypt.

It should be noted by the brothers of Tawheed that the prevailance of the Secularists will entail expansion of the Jihadist movement and shrinkage in liberal trends .. I do not mean that we wish victory for the secularists, but we have to wish the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood since they are a danger but lighter than secularism ..
But that wishful thinking should not rise to the level of aiding and assisting them.
I said in a previous answer about the ruling on celebrating the successfull election of Morsi against Shafiq: (If only it came with mere joy this is compared to the joy of Muslims for the victory of Rome and it is allowed But if it comes to conquest not just joy, this is disimilar comparison. Because Muslims’ joy for Roman victory over the Persians did not exceed being a trade-off between enemies .. Joy and happiness for the victory of the less hostile foe does not mean alliance, assistance or agreement on principles which violate the Tawheed.
Indeed, the joy of the Muslims for the predominance of Rome on the Persians did not deter the Muslims from fighting them when ordered to fight.).

And Allah knows best , Lord of the Worlds.

Answered by
Sheikh Abul-Mundhir A-Shinqeeti


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