What is your comment on the statement issued by the union of evil scholars in Africa?

What is your comment on the statement issued by the union of evil scholars in Africa?

Question Number: 7082

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings may Allah protect the sheikhs and the owners of this platform from all evil.
African Union of Scholars issued a statement on the events of Mali, describing the Mujahideen of Ansaaru deen as extremists and ignorants, and that they do not have reputable number of scholars, and blame them for the French intervention, What is your opinion on that? This is the link to the statement:

https://docs.google.com/file/ d/0B9z8rSb- seW5ZGVfRVJURHBUcXM/edit? pli=1

Questioner: Ibn Islam al-Ifriqee

In the name of Allah the Merciful Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the Holy Prophet and his family and companions.

“Lyon Roche of France made a trip to Egypt and Hijaz in the year 1842 disguised as a Muslim pilgrim, in order to obtain the approval of the scholars on the text of a fatwa he brought from Algeria which would make Jihad against the French fall under “placing one’s soul into destruction, and then the need to accept the French rule over Algeria and the illegitimacy of the resistance movement led by the Algerian Ameer AbdulQaadir al-Jazaairiy, A group of Scholars accompanied Roche in this trip and the drafting of the fatwa from among the Sufis.”

This is the same role being played by today’s so-called “Union of African Muslim Scholars” ..!

The history of this union in brief:

A group of delinquents, deviants and the servants of this world – whose selection was on the basis of these descriptions – rose to form a conference and wrote it in bold: “Union of Muslim Scholars,” and then offered herself in front of millions of Muslims through the Freemason/Masonic media.
All the members of this union then became popular and influential due to the Masonic media propaganda for them ..
What is said about the union of deviants which was founded by al-Qaradawi is the same that is said about the union of African Scholars that is purely a union of evil scholars and nothing more!

If it is the likes of these who man the forefront of Muslims in the name of scholarship and knowledge, When will the Muslims be free from defeat and humiliation and subordination to the West?

This pattern of scholars is what corrupted the deen and strained the Ummah and it is one of the reasons for defeat and a factor among the factors of Wahn (love of life and hatred of death)!

What spoiled the religion other than Kings, Priests and Scholars of evil?….[poetry]

We have been promised by Allah that victory will be for his soldiers and his friends and he told the Prophet, peace be upon him that the Islamic caliphate will return .. But this will not be at a time when the likes of these scholars take the lead.

The Khilaafah will return only when the muslims are convinced of the necessity of waging war against the Kuffar and the need to take up arms in order to establish the law of Allah.

And the necessity of patience with whatever afflicts them for the sake of that.
While the deviations contained in the statement was clear and evident, but we will only comment on some of the paragraphs contained therein:

1 – The owners of the statement said:

(disasters and tragedies have resulted from this war and the control of armed groups in the region; Because of the collapse of state institutions in the region and the diversity of armed groups, looting and rape occurred on a large scale in these areas, particularly in the province of Gao; also criminal groups that existed in the region took advantage of this situation and engaged in smuggling, organized crime and banditry …).

They also said: (The Masses will never fail to remember the tragedies that occurred after the control of armed groups on the northern regions …).

This is a lie and falsification of hard facts that are known to everyone who was following up the situation. If those who consider themselves the “Union of African Scholars” rely on lying in order to justify their case and support their views, Do we then expect the truth from them or that they stand in the face of governments that govern with manmade laws and wage war against the Shariah of Allah?

The looting and rape that are talked about in the statement of the Union of evil scholars were not due to Mujahideen control of the area, but was due to the security vacuum caused by the withdrawal of the army after the coup and the collapse of the army. The intervention of the Mujahideen was a lifeline for the inhabitants of these areas where Mujahideen imposed security and distributed aid and the provision of water and electricity free of charge and agriculture flourished in Timbuktu on the availability of water.

When the Mujahideen entered Timbuktu, two days after the escape of the Malian army and managed without a fight to expel the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad. After this entering of Ansaaru Deen  into Timbuktu al-Jazeera reported from it’s  correspondent Mohamed Vall who cited the statement of Sheikh Mujahid sanad who said: (some brothers who spoke under the condition of anonymity contacted us from Timbuktu and they told us  that there is chaos and criminals have assaulted people and looted their property, and also public property so they sought for our help and we came to their rescue).

In the same report the journalist Mohamed Vall conducted a survey of the views of residents of Timbuktu, where one of them said:

(We are happy with the arrival of these people before now we were in a state of fear and now we are no longer afraid and we do not want them to leave)?

Another said:

(I thank those people who after the fleeing of the army came to impose security and order, people are suffering from hunger and lack of widgets, but at least enjoy security).

2 – The owners of the statement said:

(This state of terror and fear, has resulted in the displacement of 150 thousand of the population to neighboring countries to begin living in tragic conditions in the camps; and the displacement of 250 thousand to the southern provinces; in the largest and most dangerous displacement process in the region …).

All of them were displaced from the African Negroes, and this displacement had three reasons:

First: the deterioration of the living conditions of the population and the shortage of food and medicine because of the blockade imposed on the area that fell under the control of the Mujahideen.

Second: The people feared the outbreak of war and the intervention of the West to bomb sites that are under Mujahideen control.

Third: black Africans fear of reprisals from the Tuareg on them after taking control of the region for the first time, and the fear that the Tuareg will hold them responsible for all the crimes committed by the Malian army over the past decades.
These concerns have dissipated after the Mujahideen expelled the Movement for the Liberation of Azawad some of which were carrying out revenge. The people of Azawad are from several different races Tuareg, Arabs and Negroes and all these races can not coexist except under an Islamic rule where all the Muslims have equal rights and this is why the Mujahideen have succeeded when people felt that justice was not aimed at a certain race. The Mujahideen’s control over the Azawad is the only way to consolidate unity among the components of the Azawad people, and this is the slogan which Mujahideen chant today.
says commander Omar Hama in a speech in front of the masses:

(Our war is a war of Shariah in the name of Islam .. We are against the rebels and against each revolution which is not in the name of Islam. We have more than one hundred and twenty prisoners, all said if we know that you are fighting in the name of Islam we wouldn’t have fought against you but our leadership deceived us What we want is not Azawad but Islam .. We do not want sharia law only in Timbuktu but we want it to be applied in all of Mali .. It is the Rebels who are problems and want to rape women .. We are against the rebels in Mali who are looking for independence, this is a fake independence, independence is Islam, that is true independence which is the application of Sharia ..).

We say to the owners of the statement had the opportunity for the continuation of Sharia law been given, the displaced people would have returned to their homes and be reassured. But you see what was the comment of the evil scholars and they only see hundreds of thousands of displaced Arabs and Azawaad on the Mauritanian border and neighboring countries?
Is that the solution to the displacement of these people?
What would they say on the massacres perpetrated today against the Tuareg and Arabs in the cities where the mujahideen have vacated?
And what is their comment on the destruction of the banned people and the students of knowledge and the persecution of anybody with sunnah appearance and the obliteration of the Islamic symbols which the Mujahideen erected and the burning of precious Islamic manuscripts that were present in Timbuktu and the looting of the shops of Arabs and Azawaad?

It was reported by the French “Caspers” newspaper that in the Mopti region, massacres were  committed by the security forces of Mali. And before the eyes of everyone uniformed soldiers brought corpses they claim to be of the rebels and threw them into a well and witnesses spoke of counting between 25 to 30 bodies.

The newspaper “Le Monde” reported from the President of a local Negro militia that has 2642 registered member saying: we are waiting for “action on the frontline,” saying: “We consider all the Tuareg people as rebels, there is no person who is not a partner.”
Has the secular government guaranteed the safety of these populations?
Did terrorism and fear stop with the exit of the Mujahideen from the cities?
Or is the fear and terror that the owners of this statement refer to just concerning a certain race and do not care for other races?
What is their position on the Malian government whose army committed all these massacres?

3 – The owners of the statement said:

(After full control of these groups in light of the deteriorating situation in the region and the suffering of the population, these groups began the application of Sharia (implementation of the huduud; demolition of shrines; imposition of the Hijaab; and so on). This distorted application of the Shariah in the light of this situation, which could be called fitnah along with the impression in the minds already of looting, rape and others, all these portrayed a negative and distorted image.) .

We have said it that the application of the Shariah is the reason for the elimination of looting, rape, and it was not the cause and Proof of that is that these things resurfaced again when the Mujahideen were out of the cities.
The owners of the statement alleged that the Mujahideen’s application of the Shariah was distorted, and help me out! if the mujahideen who carried the banner of Shariah and have lost their lives in order to get it applied, if these people now apply a distorted Sharia, where is the proper application of the Shariah in our time today?
Oh statement owners:

Did the secular government which you have stood up to protect declare its readiness to apply the Shariah at all regardless of being distorted or correct?

Then .. How do you claim that the Mujahideen applied a distorted Shariah?

Is the application of the hudud a deviation?

Is the demolition of grave mosques whose inhabitants were being worshipped besides Allah a crime?

Is the imposition of the Hijab by force a crime?

Have you not read the words of Allah the almighty:

“those whom, if We establish them in the land, establish prayer and pay the zakah and ordered the good and forbid evil, and to Allah is the return of all affairs}.
[Suuratul Hajj aayah 41]

about which religion are you talking?

Are you talking on behalf of Shariah or on behalf of Shaytan?

What is the circumstance that you think should be available before the application of Shariah?

Can we find this circumstance in any country of the Islamic world today?

4 – said the owners of the statement:

(This situation is a heavy burden on scholars, advocates and Muslim leaders in the country but also in the entire region, and the anti-Islamic parties have found an opportunity for distorting Islam and alienating people from anything Islamic…).

Of course it will be a heavy burden on scholars because it requires loyalty to the religion and dissociation from the Kuffar, either those scholars affiliate with those who seek to apply the Shariah and then they would be accused of advocating extremism and terrorism And either they support the French crusaders, and that is what would expose them and reveal their level of attachment to the religion .. In such events, Allah examines the sincere believers and the truthful is distinguished from the liar and the believer from the  hypocrite, and people would be divided into two camps: a camp of faith with no hypocrisy in it and a camp of hypocrisy with no faith in it.

5 – The owners of the statement said:

(Then the Union formed a committe of scholars from the country under the chairmanship of Vice- President of the National Council of Scholars Dr. Adam Sankari a graduate of Islamic University of Medina; it’s members were made up of trusted scholars of the country; that was done in order to explain the Shariah stance on what these groups are doing from carrying arms and  the application of the hudud, and things like that in those areas; and the Committee prepared a note on that to serve as a basis for dialogue with armed groups as a Shariah evidence about what they have done and are going to do; and to consider the evil implications…).

If “corruption” is the application of Shariah and the fight against man-made laws, what is the “reform” that these scholars are calling for?

Those who claimed to have studied the Shariah and forward themselves as Shariah scholars here they are today with this shameful statement standing against those who seek to apply the Shariah and accusing them of corruption and causing the destruction of the country.
As if they say:

“Leave the application of Shariah so as not to anger France!”

“We do not want Sharia law if it will cause the Kuffar to fight us!

As if those who claim to be scholars did not hear the words of Khubayb may Allah be pleased with him:

“I am not concerned on what side I lie, as long as I’m killed a Muslim.”

And as if they did not read the words of Allah:

{and fitnah (Kufr) is worst than killing}

and Fitnah here is Shirk.

And as if they did not hear the words of the great scholar Suleiman bin Sahmaan, may Allah have mercy on him:

“if the people of the cities and villages should fight each other until all are destroyed, it is lesser in evil compared to having them erect a Taaghut on the land and arbitrating to him.”

These illiterates in issues of Aqeedah and reliance on Allah and rejectionists (Raafidah) in terms of sacrifice in order to establish the law of Allah did not learn any thing from the Jihad of the Taliban nor the defeat of the Americans.

6 – The owners of the statement said:

(And there was opposition to calls to the negotiating table to find a peaceful solution; provincially and nationally until the United Nation’s resolution on sending troops; and military experts and civilians began to declare that military intervention would only be possible after nearly nine months; giving way to negotiations.

This atmosphere gave high hopes to avoid a full-scale war in the country and the region that might increase the suffering of the people; so, began the practical arrangements for the start of negotiations ….. But there were serious developments that spoiled everything:

1 – The Ansar al-Din, the main group withdrew from the agreement of a cessation of hostilities with the government under the pretext of lack of seriousness.

2 – The group mobilized it’s armed forces in buffer zones between north and south and began to advance toward the south …. These actions by the armed group drew the country into the brink of civil war; It rejected – even temporarily – the option to find a peaceful solution to the problem; then,France entered with it’s war planes and ground forces as a savior from the disaster …. Armed groups bear responsibility for this sudden outbreak of war by attacking the areas under government control …).

This speech is only a return to the use of lies again!  
hostilities against the Mujahideen did not stop in any day since they started controlling the cities.
There was no agreement or a truce between the two parties, not to talk of the Mujahideen breaking it .. Of course, the owners of this statement they want through this speech to justify the war waged by France on the mujahideen and to claim it came as a reaction to the Mujahideen, and if the Mujahideen had not attacked France wouldn’t have made such moves!!
And they want us after to believe that in their hearts is a bit of faith and loyalty to Islam!!
By accusing the Mujahideen of causing the war, they were only seeking irrelevant excuse because while they claim that they were pinning their hopes on peaceful solutions. The fact which they also know just like everyone else is that threats and military moves never stopped and that the enemies of the Sharia were only waiting for the completion of preparations.

7 – The owners of the statement said:

(under the shade of this situation, the interim President requested for the French interference in order to repel the military attack; to prevent the collapse of the country; and that was due to the inability of the destabilized army to stop the advance (by the Mujahideen)…).

This talk is intended to justify the actions of the apostate government in Mali, which the Mujahideen called for a dialogue and said they did not want separation, but the secular government rejected any dialogue with those who cling to the idea of ​​the application of Shariah .. It appeared that this apostate government considered the issue of Shariah application as non- negotiable, such as the issue of secession!
Which means that this government is saying to the Azawaad people: you must continue to be our followers and we will not rule you except with what violates the Shariah!! Will the owners of this statement want the Mujahideen to abandon the application of the law?
Or is it that they want them to wait for the enemies of Shariah to complete their preparations and get ready their equipments and plan at ease?

We ask Allah Almighty to guide the Muslim scholars and bless them with steadfastness on the religion.

There is no power except with Allah. And Allah knows best Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Answered by a member of the Shariah Committee:

Sheikh Abul-Mundhir As-Shinqeeti


Minbar Tawheed Q&A

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