In the name of Allah, the most beneficient the most merciful.
Indeed one of the greatest means to eradicte the rampant Bid’ah in our society is to spread the teaching of the Sunnah. Of All the methods and strategies advised by the scholars, this is one I have witnessed work life and fast and there is a nice story attached to it.
Some brothers have demanded I share the story with them for some months now but due to busy schedule, I was not able, I offer my sincere apology for that.

To cut it short and narrate in brief, what really happened is that we introduced hisnul muslim to a mosque where people do recite al-Maathuuraat after subhi everyday. We did this by reading from it and teaching people the different uses of each dua’ and surprisingly, within a few days a lot of people were seen reading it on their own. Subhanallah, this is something we tried to achieve for almost a year and by introducing this book and with it’s layout, common sense tells people that all the prayers are not to be read at once but each dua’ for a specific purpose.
What surprises me most is that even the man who champions it seems to have forgotten about it and more suprisingly, a few days later, some boys just came running after me and said how can we get that book you do read for us and I told them.

The usual excuse when we were discouraging the use of al Maathuuraat was that it is a source of protection against evils but with this book many now know the specific dua’ for protection and It was then I realised that to take away an act of bid’ah from some people, you need to explain the Sunnah method…

Wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullohi wa barakaatuhu.

Abutawheed Aningiriyi

1434/5-Dhul-Qa’adah Hijriyyah

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