SALAFIYYAH IN NIGERIA – From Sufiyyah to Irja’, The Abode of Sunnah is Still Far:::

:::NIGERIA: From Suufiyyah To Irja’, The Abode Of Sunnah Is Still Far:::

In the name of Allah the most merciful the most beneficient.

In Nigeria today,every coroner and region we see symbols and practices of
Suufiyyah and in many areas this is coupled with grave worship and when you start to interrogate many Muslims, you discover that they are Ash’ariy in aqeedah. Worst still,you hear many people bearing names like Niyyaas,Shaadhili, Tijaani and all these point to how deep Suufiyah is rooted in Nigeria and how detailed people were spoon-fed this false aqeedah and how it gained mainstream acceptance until recently when the resurgence of Sunnah started.

The reality of this matter is that this evil did not just emerge in Nigeria and neither did it just stray into the country, it was a duely propagated campaign sponsored and supported by the Uthmani state in Turkey just as it was done in many west African states as well.
A good example for this is the deviant Shaadhiliyah movement in Nigeria, this movement was not originated by the deviant Shaadhili Sambo from Ilorin, in fact, the aqeedah and practices of this movement had been in existence in Nigeria and Yoruba land before he was born, he was just trying to revive it and cloak it with modern flavor before Allah silenced him. The Original Shaadhili was a bigger deviant from North Africa who exceeded all bounds in innovations and Kufr creeds.
All of these evil and many more were sponsored by this corrupt Uthmani regime of Turkey and during those days, Suufiyah was the mainstream Islam and they were the AhluSunnah of their own world, any body who opposed their Manhaj was a deviant and would be mocked and ridiculed and the leading scholars then would call people of Sunnah “Wahabi”-a reference to the great scholar of Tawheed and Jihad whom Allah used to crumble the Uthmani state and revive the understanding of Islam upon the manhaj of the Sahaabah-this derogatory term is still being used today in the circles of core Sufis and one of their scholars who died in the early 1990s would use the term frequently to refer to his students who adopt the way of Sunnah.

Suufiyyah is dying in many parts of Nigeria today especially the Yoruba land but we are still tackling the remnants of this evil such that it is still possible to come across a brother with long beards and jumping trousers who would tell you that their is nothing wrong with “Dhikr Jamaaiy” (congregational dhikr) Yes… and it is possible you come across a brother who would tell you that the aqeedah of “Abdaal and Awtaad” might be real or that he is not sure.

And just as we are left to tackle this menance which the Uthmani state was busy exporting for free during its reign,a worse evil is being exported by the Saudi state today which is the evil of “Irja'”.

This Irja according to the Scholars of Sunnah is the most dangerous innovation that harmed the people of Sunnah and it is more threatening than Khaarijiyyah.

The reason why this innovation is so dangerous is that it is very hard to detect and it is cloaked with Sunnah and this is same with Khaarijiyah as well because from the four foundations of Bid’ah, two of them look very similar to AhluSunnah, which are Irja, and Khaarijiyyah. Ahlusunnah is the middle path between the extremism of the Khawaarij and the liberalism of the Murjiah, these three paths look very similar and without knowledge it is possible to confuse one for the other and they are not easy to separate because it goes beyond mere extremism and liberalism of the English language rather in some cases,the Khawaarij who are often taken to be extremists adopt milder positions at times which although are not correct but to the beginner would seem the middle path. An example, is the issue of Khilaafah, the Khawaarij say any muslim is eligible but AhluSunnah we say,he must be a Qurayshi and no non-Qurayshi can be Khaleef with the availability of a competent Qurayshi. That is just an example so, it’s not okay enough to take Khaarijiyyah and Irja to simply mean extremism and liberalism, it goes beyond that and it’s better to call them exactly how the scholars have labelled them as Khawaarij and Murji.

About the bid’ah of Khaarijiyyah and the Khawaarij, we know that their sponsor is and has always been Shaytan and they will continue to emerge one generation after the other, once a generation is eliminated by the muslims, another one emerges and today we know there are some of them in Afghanistan and Pakistan as stated by Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi (may Allah hasten his release) and he even had a debate with them, they are called the Mukafirah, and another trend of them are in Egypt and Algeria as stated by Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Misri (may Allah hasten his release as well)and I know that some of them are in Nigeria as well.

As for the the bid’ah of Irja’ and the Murjiah group their main sponsor today is the Saudi Arabian government may Allah destroy it, You should not be suprised if you come across a bearded brother who tells you that there is no amount of Kufr action you do you can not become a Kaafir until you believe in your heart that the action is good.

These people have a formula which is a long statement, they say: “Kufr is of two types: action and belief; all Kufr believes makes you a Kaafir; while NO kufr action makes you a Kaafir UNTIL you believe that it is good.”
The first part of this statement is correct while the second and third paths are where they deviated from the Manhaj, the position of AhluSunnah is that not all Kufr believes and actions are major Kufr but some Kufr beliefs and actions are major Kufr while some Kufr actions and beliefs are less than that i.e. They are minor Kufr.

The Kufr beliefs and actions that expel one from the religion according to the scholars are so because they constitute the foundation of Eeman and tampering with them invalidates the Eeman completely.

The evil formula of these people has a very dangerous implication which many of them do not know because they are a gang of deviant criminals who were seduced by Shaytan and if we were to hold them responsible for the implication of that formula, they would not be Muslims anymore however, as AhluSunnah, we do not hold people responsible for the implication of their statements rather, their direct statements.
The implications of this formula of theirs are:

1. Shaytaan is still a muslim because he did not have any Kufr belief and the Kufr action he did and Kufr words he spoke, he never claimed that it is halal.

2. All those who insult the Messenger of Allah are still Muslims.

3. Ibn Taymiyyah is a Kaafir because he had a Kufr belief.

4. The one who goes to destroy the Kaabah is still a Muslim

5. The children of Israel who killed some of the messengers of Allah were not Kuffar because they also admitted that their action is Haram.

6. If a man should have murdered prophet Muhammad, he would still be a Muslim unless he claims that his action is halal.

7. If a muslim were to go to Church and participate in Church services, he is still a muslim unless he claims it to be Halal

and from among the implication of their evil formula is that a man can remain a complete muslim even if he insults Allah and his messenger, makes enmity with the friends of Allah and befriends the enemies of Allah, destroys the mosques, humiliates the Quran and the believers and honours the Kuffar,they say: all these are ordinary sins and inside his heart, he is a muslim and a complete believer whose blood and wealth is sacred.

This completely lands them in what is known as ‘Jahamiyyah’.

My dear brothers of Tawheed, it’s important to learn the aqeedah first and from the right source and never be fooled by this evil campaign of the Saudi regime which is sponsoring and spoon feeding people with this Bid’ah in Aqeedah and this regime is doing it’s best to propagate this evil and cow the ignorant ones into thinking that this is the correct understanding by using some tamed scholars as tools and machinery to achieve this evil agenda. The Quran and Sunnah is before us and the words of the Salaf is available to back it up so, we do not need any palace scholar to misguide us especially when the scholars of prison yard and battle field have used their pen and bones to write down pages colored in black ink and red blood for us to benefit from it. By Allah the scholars of prison yard and battlefield will not cease to exist in every era and age and their statements will continue to rhyme while kingdoms, kings and palace scholars will come and go and their actions and statements will contradict each other, the Scholars of the Uthmani state sponsored the bid’ah of Suufiyyah and grave worship while the Scholars of the devilish Saudi state came and said no grave worship and suufiyah but we adopt the fiqh of Jahmu bin Safwan on masaail ilmiyyah (issues of creed).
It is now left for you if you would follow the tide of Kingdoms and be swept away with their rise and fall or you follow the tide of Sunnah and be conveyed into al-Jannah in the company of the messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Statements of the Scholars on Irja’ and its Dangers:

Ibraheem An-Nakhaiy said: The Fitnah of the Murjiah is more fearful to the Ummah than that of the Azaariqah (the toughest branch of the Khawaarij).
[reported by Abdullahi bn Ahmad bn Hanbal in Kitaabu Sunnah 1/313]

and he also said: “The Khawaarij to me, are more excused than the Murjiah”

Imam al-Awzaai said: “Yahya and Qataadah do say: ‘ there is nothing from the desires that they fear most for the Ummah than Irja””
[reported by Abdullahi bn Ahmad bn Hanbal in Kitaabu Sunnah 1/313]

Imam Az-Zuh’ri, may Allah have mercy upon him, said:
“No innovation (Bid’ah) was innovated in Islām that was more harmful to its people than this; meaning Al- Irjā’.”
[Al Ibanah Vol.2/885]

Wasalaamu alaykum warahmatullohi wabarakaatuhu.

Written by:
Abutawheed Aningiriyi

>>2013/28-August meeladiyah

>>1434/20-Shawaal Hijriyah

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