Attending Kufr Court Sessions For Fun

Attending Kufr Court Sessions For Fun

Question Number:7443

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings Oh scholars of the Sharia Committee in the pulpit May Allah reward you for your blessed efforts.
My question is about the courts which rule by Kufr man-made law.

Are these courts places of Kufr gathering and if they are Kufr gatherings, we need a detailed explanation on the status of those attending the proceedings that take place in the court does all of those who merely attend these court proceedings commit Kufr as in the word of Allah (then you are like them Q4 aayah 140) or is there more details on the matter?
We want answer to this question as stated from the beginning
I mean, all of those attending among the common folk who do not know the status of these courts and do not know the ruling on it from among the relatives (families of prisoners fathers and mothers,brothers and relatives) who come to attend the proceedings of their children.

Another case is that we were in prison during the days of Gaddafi and you know the situation during the days of his tyranny so, some of the brothers were released in a manner they call the follow up release in the sense that the brother is out of prison and returns to his family but pursue his remaining case from outside….He remains in his home and comes to the court whenever he has proceedings until the court would finally settle his case(verdict) with the knowledge that these brothers know that these courts rule with Kufr. Does the attendance of these brothers in this case considered Kufr because they came voluntarily to attend a Kufr sitting where Allah is mocked?
For among the scholars who are known to have attended these Kufr sittings were there either to deny or to leave and either they were forced and these brothers are not forced, but they said we are vulnerable what do we do……some of the brothers made takfeer of them because they sat in infidel sitting, focus of Takfeer was(attendance of Kufr sitting) meaning those Taaghut courts and the brothers now after their release from prison posed the issue to you to seek clarification, were they wrong or right and may Allah bless you and forgive us for the prolongation.

May Allah guide you right……..

Questioner: Al-Izzatulillah wabillah

In the name of Allah the Merciful Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the Holy Prophet and his family and companions.
And after:
The courts, which rule by manmade laws were established only in emulation to the judgment of Allah Almighty and the consolidation of the provisions that are contrary to it.
It is thus founded on Kufr and for the sake of Kufr.. If this is the case it is obligatory to avoid it just as it is obligatory to abandon all places of polytheism and disbelief where the religion of Allah Almighty is being denied or mocked.

Any one who sits in the gatherings of disbelief and disobedience and did not deny the people,he is a partner with them in their action due to the word of Allah:
{It has been revealed to you in the book that when you hear the signs of Allah being denied and mocked then sit not with them until they engage in a talk other than that else you are like them}
[Nisaai aayah 140].

Ibn Jarir said in its Tafseer: ( has descended upon you that if you sit with those who disbelieve in the revelations of Allah, and mock them and you hear the signs of Allah being disbelieved and mocked, as they have sinned by mocking the revelations of Allah,you have also come up with disobedience to Allah the type they have done, you are like them in sinning to Allah).

Al-Qurtubi said in the interpretation of this aayah:
(he who did not stay away from them was pleased with their reaction, and satisfaction with Kufr is also Kufr, all who sat in the House of sin and did not deny them they would bear the same brunt with them, so if he is not able to denounce them he should walk out of them so as not to be among the people of this aayah)…

Sheikh Suleiman bin Abdullah bin Muhammed bin Abdul Wahhab rahimahullah said:

(The meaning of the aayah apparently, is that if a man hears the signs of Allah being disbelieved and mocked then sat with the unbelievers and mockers without being forced and does not denounce them until they engage in another talk, he is an infidel like them, even if he did not do their deeds because that includes satisfaction with disbelief, and satisfaction with disbelief is Kufr.,and with this verse and the like is what the scholars quoted that the one who is pleased with a sin is like the actor even if he claims that his heart rejects it, that would not be accepted from him,because we judge on the apparent, he has shown disbelief and therefore is an infidel)…

As for the evidences on the principle of “being pleased with Kufr is Kufr” I have mentioned that with detail in the answer to question number: (4773).

As for those who attend these courts among ordinary Muslims and the ruling on it is not clear to them and do not know the fact that they emulate the laws of God and that it is disbelief and there is no sign of satisfaction with disbelief in the person, he should not be judged kaafir because many of the Scholars of this era have attached legitimacy to these courts and laws so much such that in the books of Fiqh they cite it as legal materials, as did Sayyid Saabiq in his book “Fiqhu Sunnah”,and as does some of the scholars who explain the Fiqh rulings on some of the channels today such that they always point to the legal materials(man-made) as sources of Fiqh rulings!
This is dealing with these laws that are in fact part of the legal framework outside the law of Allah and this gives it a degree of credibility with ordinary Muslims.

The “scholars” of our time and unfortunately do not warn people from the courts, which rule by man-made laws and some even rule that arbitrating to it is legitimate..!!

Adoption of this reality which is contrary to the law of Allah is what made people ignorant of this rule which is rather clear and obvious..)
Everyone who attends the court sessions without being aware of it’s impermissibility the descriptions of “satisfaction with Kufr” did not materialize in such a person then it is not permissible to make takfeer of such.

For more details on this topic, see the answer to question No. 4062

As for the ruling on attending the court proceedings for those who are under mandatory attendance I have stated his rule in the answer to question No.7543

And Allah knows best Praise be to Allah,Lord of the Worlds.

Answered by a member of the Shariah Committee:

Sheikh Abul-Mundhir As-Shinqeeti
(may Allah protect him)


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