What is your opinion about Dr. Saalih Fawzaan?

What is your opinion about Saalih Fawzan who conditions Jihad on the ruler’s permission, and he calls the Mujahideen Khawaarij?

Question Number: 3128

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings My brothers in the path of Allah, what do you think of this Mufti Saalih Fawzan, from whom a lot of young Arabs take knowledge and they put him in the status of Ibn Baaz and Ibn Uthaymeen. Note that this Mufti said about the Mujahideen that they are Khawaarij and Qaraamitah and that they are traitors.
Meanwhile, he once gave us a verdict not to pray behind anyone who permits singing and musical instruments because he is an open sinner and has made lawful what is prohibited.

Subhanallah and this same man forgot he decreed jihad impermissible in Iraq and threatened anybody who intends to go with imprisonment. He forgot he had prohibited the obligation of Jihad in the path of Allah so, does he want us to apply this fatwaa of his on him and not pray behind him also since he has denied the duty of jihad and said the Mujahideen in Iraq are callers to evil who must be jailed. And also, he always describes Sheikh Osama bin Laden  a criminal Khaarijee who rebelled against rulers.

I address this issue to you because many argue with me concerning this holy Mufti who to me rather, is a Munaafiq. And Allah is sufficient for me.

Questioner: Mujahid in the way of Allah

Respondent: Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah After ..

Honourable brother, what you have mentioned of the contradictions of this man; is what results from the corruption of the Usul (fundamentals) due to deviations in the Furu’ (branches), when a Mufti starts to see with his deviant vision that the Taaghut whom Allah has commanded us to disbelieve in, is the custodian of the affairs of Muslims, it would no doubt lead him to these discharges!!

What is however suprising and inconceivable is that he adds over that an issue that does not relate to the Eeman and Islam of his “Ameer”; like labeling anybody who contradicts him in the condition he has set as a Khaarijee and like his condemnation of Jihad in Iraq because it lacked a clear “banner” as he claimed and because it lacked the permission of “his Ameer”, as if all Muslims in the world need the permission of his Ameer who abolishes Jihad;

However let’s put a blind eye to the fact that no rulers’ permission is needed for Jihaadu-Daf’i and let’s tell him; Tell your Ameer to allow all the poor Muslims of the world to come and reside without any objection next to the Haramain and join you in enjoying the benefits of the crude oil which you enjoy alone then Allah willing he can now issue such fataawah that portrays his country and Ameer as the central authority for the Muslims of the world and then he can now cram his nose and peep into their Jihad here and there, but before that, he does not have the right to intervene even in the prices of chickens and sheep in Iraq ..

This is just to come down to their level of thinking which is rather highly ridiculous assuming just for the sake of argument that their “rulers” are muslims, and we absolutely do not believe so ..

Whoever is in doubt about this should read our old book (Khawaashif al-Jaliyyah…) and it has been published on this blessed platform; and if I had written that book these recent days, it would have been more voluminous (with more proofs of their Ameer’s Kufr); because I did not increase in anything but insight and certainty; and praise be to Allah that I am no longer in need of adding more to the book because the issue of this country (Saudi Arabia) has become exposed and glaring to the young and old among those who can hear and see…

…As regards this book of mine that I mentioned it is interesting to mention that among the ridiculous contradictions of this man is that he had written a foreword to the book of this Jahmee called Abdul Aziz al-Rayes, who made it as a rejoinder to Kawaashif, so he thundered in praise of the lies and fabrications of Rayes and the lies of the Jahmees of the Gulf… Then when he was asked in another place about some of the books of Rayes .. he said about him:

(Abandon him! Those are Muta’aalimeen, leave him and continue on what you are upon of the books of Sheikh Mohammed and the books of the Salaf.
As for the books of those Muta’aalimeen, leave it alone and do not look at it at all..) oh.

In rejection of the Takfeer on his country, he writes a foreword for and issued praises for the book of that Jahmee; and here he says about the same Jahmee: abandon the books of those Muta’aalimeen ..

So, help me out what will his students accept from him?
Which of the two orders would they follow?!
Take it or leave it!?

Or is it that approving a rejoinder against Kawaashif so necessary for the state and therefore requires overlooking the Ta’aalum of Rayes, and his Tajaahum and Irja’ which has drained the noses and is obvious to every one..

In any case, our brother Mr. .. As we have said over and over again, no matter how much the knowledge of these people and their fame and positions, it is not allowed to take knowledge from them with regards to their state and their rulers and the position on them and on those who rebel against them .. This innovation and misguidance of theirs, it is obligatory to stay away from it and to warn against it .. And let me tell you that because this innovation of theirs, the goverments like it and the kings also like it; the books of this Sheikh and his likes that relate to the rulers and insulting the mujahideen are being distributed to us in the prisons, the thinking of those who distribute it is that it would divert us away from the truth with which we worship Allah; so that we start to praise praise the “rulers” as does the writers; but by the grace of Allah, that did not affect us except to make us firmer and patient and to be sure of the errors of those groups and their deviation…

And I inform you that we have published a rejoinder on this platform against this Fawzan and some of his deviations in Aqeedah by Sheikh Abul-Aziz Abdul-Ilah al-Hassani Al-Jazaairiy may Allah protect him; which is titled “Inhirafaat D. Saalih Fawzaan fi masaailil-Eemaan” (meaning “Deviations of Dr.. Saalih Fawzan in matters of Eeman”) so, go through it … And Allah says the truth and he leadeth the way.

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisee.


By Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisee. (may Allah hasten his release)

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