Hadeeth Daeef: Jihad will remain sweet and green

What is the authenticity of the hadith: (Jihad will remain sweet and green)?

Question Number: 1578

Question about the hadith (Jihad will remain sweet and green for as long as rain drops from the sky then, a time will come when the readers (scholars) would say ‘this is not the time of Jihad’ whoever witnesses this time, what a nice period of Jihad it is, They said Oh Messenger of Allah: will anyone say this? he said: Yes the one upon whom is the curse of Allah and the angels and the people in general)

Questioner: Abu Zubayr al-Libi

Respondent: Shariah committee on the pulpit

This hadith is not authentic from the Prophet peace be upon him, it was narrated by Ibn Asaakir in Ta’areeq dimashq (43/347) from Anas bin Malik as a marfoo’, and narrated by Ibn Abi zamanayn in Usuulu Sunnah (1/192) and Abu Amr Addaani in “Sunanul waaridah fil fitan wa awaailuha wa saa’at wa ashraatuha” (3/751) both from Abdul Rahman bin Zayd bin Aslam from his father as mursal.

As for the Isnaad of ibn Asaakir, there is Yazeed bn Abaan Alriqaashi, declared weak by many of the imams, and have also spoken about his mistakes in narrating from Anas, may Allah be pleased with him, said Imam Ibn Hibbaan in Majroohayn (3/98):

(He was among the best servants of Allah who cry alone at the night and uphold the truth, he overlooked the science of hadith and memorizing it and was busy with Ibaadah to the extent that he would take the words of Hasan for Anas from the Prophet, peace be upon him unknowingly but when there appeared many narrations from him that are not of Anas or any other trustworthy people, he was no longer regarded reliable and therefore it is not permissible to narrate from him except to wonder about him.

Al-Haafiz ibn Hajar said about him in At Taqreeb: (weak)

And the isnaad of Ibn Abi zamanayn and Abu Amruu is not valid for two reasons:

First: Al-Hafiz said about Abdul Rahman bin Zayd bin Aslam in At Taqreeb: (weak).

Second: It is Mursal narration, it is from the narrations of Zayd ibn Aslam from the Prophet – peace be upon him -.

Answered by a member of the Shariah Committee:

Sheikh Abu Dharr Alsamhari al-Yamaani


Minbar Tawheed Q&A

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